sakura blossoms burst forth in all their beauty (2014/1/31 in Taiwan Taipei Yangmingshan) 

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Enchantlic Enchantilly/Chantilly: Chantillic OP Wine x White

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright: Feather Rose Pearl Necklace

Angelic Pretty: Princess Victoria Wrist Cuffs

GLW: Classic Burgundy - Lolita

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New releases from Dear Celine on 12 October 2013 (these were posted 2 hours ago)

The return of the Cat Cape: Pre-orders end on 19/10, production time is one month. Each coat has a pair of pockets. Two colours: Devil Cat (asymmetrical) and Milky Cat

2013 Autumn Alice’s Secret Garden Series: Onepiece / Headbow

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Annabel Lee for Voluptas

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